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Anthony Gomes


Rainbow Bistro
76 Murray Street K1N 5M6 Ottawa Canada
"A very talented guitarist...
and where did that voice come from?"
- B.B, King

The Toronto singer/songwriter/guitarist, Anthony Gomes, has been creating virtuosic, burning blues since his recorded debut in 1998. 12 releases and numerous awards and ecstatic accolades later, the aptly-named, riff-laden Electric Field Holler crackles with his bare wires passion.

The heavy hitting “Turn It Up!” has Gomes rightly boasting “…got Mississippi lightning in my soul, I was raised on the thunder of rock ‘n’ roll…gonna play the music till the day I die, just like B.B. King and Buddy Guy,” his voice and guitar roaring. “Back Door Scratchin’” uses clever tom cat imagery “You found someone new, don’t want me no more. You put me out, baby, can’t get past your door… I’m back door scratchin’, howlin’ all night. I’m back door scratchin’ till the morning light.” The mighty chugging “Whiskey Train” has Gomes growling “It’s gonna take a whole lot of whiskey to drink away the pain. I gotta get half-way down the label, or go insane,” his guitar smoking like a 20-ton locomotive.